Salomonic Magical Arts [Grimoire, Swedish]


This is the first English translation of two  eighteenth-century Swedish folk magic grimoires, bringing to the English-speaking world the traditions of Swedish 'cunning folk' style sorcery. In Sweden, rural magical practitioners kept Svartkonstböcker (Books of Black Arts) hand-writtten private books of their charms, prayers, curses, remedies and experiments. They are similar to European grimoires, but their distintive features put them in a class of their own. The book presents in English two such: they were named "The Red Book" and "The Black Book" by one of their owners. Translator Fredrik Eytzinger also provides an essay on the history and influence of these two works. Bibliography, index and illustrations. 

East Meon, Hamps: Permanent Publications, 2014. Paperback, 237 pages. New. Limited Edition of 1200 copies in black cloth.



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