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Saving the Lives of Angels - Sasha Chaitow


The heretical and occult theology of Sar Peladan, symbolist artist of late 19th-century Paris, is the centre of this booklet's work. Sasha Chaitow gives what must be the clearest exposition of this remarkable figure's obscure but compelling idea of the meaning of the angels, fallen angels and redemption. Peladan was at the heart of the French occult revival, yet his ideas, writing and art were suppressed and he himself ridiculed. Chaitow has taken him up and restored him to his rightful place in esoteric history. This short illustrated book was produced partly as a companion to her lecture-presentation on Peladan at Northampton's 2016 Trans-States Conference. The book has colour as well as black-and-white illustrations of Chaitow's art throughout, and they are paintings and drawings which she did out of her engagement with Peladan's ideas.  

Corfu: ICON Gallery, 2016. 49 pages. New paperback.