A book at last devoted to the story of the Rider-Waite (Smith) deck, illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith. This book, deeply researched and containing previously unpublished photographs and texts, is a much-needed celebration of Smith, the woman illustrator whose name did not make it into the title of the cards. Here, the authors trace the story of the collaboration between Smith and her magician tutor, A.E Waite.

      The book offers much insight into the creative processes and lives of these two prominent occult practitioners, and does so while offering pages upon pages of drawings, photographs, and visual examples of Pamela Colman Smith's haunting artworks. 

Woodbury: Llewellyn Publications, 2018. Large Format Soft Cover. xv+458 pages. New.


Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot - Katz & Goodwin