This book is the work of the late French tarot master, Jean-Claude Flornoy (1950-2011), famed for his reconstruction and republication of three  historic Marseille tarot decks.  In this book Flornoy relates both a history of the French tarot but also (and mostly) his personal understanding of the Marseille tarot and its meanings for the tarot reader.  He works with Noblet deck (dating to c. 1650) which is noteworthy; most who work with the Marseille tarot use the Conver deck. Throughout, Flornoy shares stories anecdotes and insights, to convey his thoughtful and occasionally idiosyncratic ways of looking at  themajor and minor arcana. 

Translated from the French by David Vine, with annotations.

France: Editions le Tarot, 2018. Paperback, 332 pages. New.


Seeing the World - Jean-Claude Flornoy