Sepher Raziel [Grimoire]


Sepher Raziel, also called Liber Salomonisis, is a full grimoire in the Solomonic tradition from a sixteenth century manuscript. It contains seven books:

1. Clavis, concerned with astrology and its use in magic, with precise interactions between planets, Signs, and Houses

2. the Ala, outlining the magical virtues of stones, herbs, and animals

3. the Tractatus Thymiamatus, which determines perfumes and suffumigations used in the Art

4. Treatise of Times detailing the correct hours of the day for each operation

5. Treatise on Preparations on ritual purity, and abstinence

6. Samaim, on the different heavens and their angels

7. Book of Names and their virtues and properties, being seven semiforas of Adam and seven semiforas of Moses.

This volume presents Sepher Raziel in two forms: a literal transcription with no changes in spelling or wording, and also a modern English version. The editors, Don Karr and Stephen Skinner, include an overview of Raziel manuscripts, an essay on the literature of Solomonic magic in English, an introduction to the Sepher Raziel manuscript, an appendix on incense nomenclature, and a full bibliograph.

Singapore: Golden Hoard Press, 2010. Hardback, 264 pages. New.



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