Peace and  tranquility - these are the aims of this aura spray exclusive to Treadwell's.  'Serenity' is an alchemical blendwhich have a pronounced calming effect when the scent is smelled. The Treadwell's staff use it regularly and it's one we often recommend to customers in the store.  It evokes moonlight, still lakes, trees and gardens by night.

        The spray comes in a green 50ml jar with an ecological spray pump which creates a delicate mist.  The darkened jar protects the active ingredients, which are pure essential oils, mainly organic.

       Flying Salamander is the trading name of our reticent but gifted shamanic perfumer, who holds a degree in chemistry from University College London. All batches are hand blended, labelled, recorded, dated and set for a specified period for the aromas to blend, before being delivered to the shop. 


'Serenity' Space and Aura Spray