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Servants of the Star & Snake -Henrik Bogdan (ed.)


An anthology of essays written in honour of Kenneth and Steffi Grant. Editor Henrik Bodgan has brought together some of the best-known authors of the Typhonian current, including Michael Staley, Ruth Baur, Nema, Ramsey Dukes, Jan Fries, Manon Hedenborg-White and Michael Bertiaux. Highlights in this collection include Manon Hedenborg-White's look at Babalon and the Scarlet Woman as they appear in Grant's Typhonian Trilogies; Henrik Bodgan's examination of Kenneth Grant and Tantra; Christian Giudice's look at the influence of the works of Gerald Massey on Grant's work and Michael Staley's essay on Lam and the Typhonian tradition. For anyone interested in the work of Kenneth & Steffi Grant, this is a must-read, ranging from scholarly examinations to fictional narratives. Illustrated with 25 colour plates of Steffi Grant's artwork and letters from Kenneth Grant.

London, Starfire Publishing, 2018. Hardback with dustjacket, 346 pages. New.