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Shanar - Virlana Tkacz

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 This is a highly illustrated photographically-documented study of the dedication ritual of a Buryat Shaman in Siberia. It is fascinating close-up look, never before seen: in in unprecedented gesture, the officiating shaman, Bayir Rinchinov, invited author and her collaborators to attend and document the ceremony.  In this rite, called the shanar, the initiate makes contact with ancestral spirits and receives power from them. The author and her companions attended, and the resulting book  is a vivid account of historic significance. The large-formate volume illustrated with a wealth of colour photographs showing the people involved, various stages of the ritual, the vivid costumes, and the sacred objects used. A remarkable book, we recommend it highly.

New York: Parabola Books, 2002. Hardback with Dustjacket, ix 182 pages. New.