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This carefully arranged collection of historical occurrences of Devonshire witchcraft and prominent Devonian witches beautifully illustrates the legacy of magic in this region of South West England.


The first sections of this book cover various accounts of Devonshire witchcraft in history and some of the figures who practised it. Beyond folkloric accounts of witches both good and bad, Gary dedicates a chapter of this book to lesser-known modern cunning man Cecil Williamson, a contemporary of Gerald Gardner and founder of the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic now located in Boscastle, Cornwall. The final section of the text is entitled ‘A Black Book of Devonshire Magic,’ and contains spells, charms, and rites of the Devonshire tradition that can be used by readers.


London: Troy Books, 2017. Paperback, 223 pages. New.

Silent as the Trees - Gemma Gary