The best-known and most magnificent of alchemical manuscripts, the Splendor Solis, dating from the 16th century, is the subject of this handsome art volume. The plates are all reproduced in full colour, in large format, showcasing the manuscript's 22 illustrations of the alchemical transmutation.. Joscelyn Godwin provides a translation of the original German text with enlightening commentary. Stephen Skinner's essay describes what the images are showing, in terms of the physical processes. Rafal Prinke and Georgian Hedeson offer essays exploring the questions of authorship and the identity of the painter. Overall, this is an important volume on an important manuscript - a work which will stand the test of time.

 London: Watkins, 2019. Hardback, 175 pages. New.

Splendor Solis [Alchemy] - Stephen Skinner et al.