.This is a core text of the traditional witchcraft of the Glan of Tubal Cain, written by its current head, Shani Oates.  It it, she ranges through many elements of the mythos which inderpins the witch clan's practice:  the Biblical ain, the fallen angels, the idea of a group carrying hidden knowldge, and more. But Oates also lays out her teachings on the what the Clan today means, and what it should mean, so she writes on bonds between members, personal commitment, the importance of personal inner alchemy, and the egregore ('group mind') of the Clan. She is an interesting and deepthinker, and her writing repays close reading, though it is not easy.


Intro: The Ring Troth of Cain

1. The Archer's Song

2. Brimstone & Treacle

3. The Faith of the Wise

4. The Stang

5. The 4th Nail

6. Dark Aegipan and Pale Leukothea

7. Cain and Craft Diversity

8. Cain, Clanship and the Egregore

9. Patterns of Transformation: the Alchemy of Being

10. The Poison Chalice


Oxford: Mandrake of Oxford, 2012. Hardback with Dustjacket, 201 pages. New

Star Crossed Serpent Vol 2 - Shani Oates