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Starfire Vol II, No 3


Starfire, founded 1986 was the main journal of Thelema, particularly its Typhonian branch, for ithe duration of its long life.  Contents of this issue include:

The Magic of Folly by Richard Ward. Considerations of The Fool card in the Tarot

Sinister Shades in Yellow by Alistair Coombs. An essay on novelist Sax Rohmer

The Stone of Stars by Oliver St. John. Short story about a talismanic stone

Tzaddi is not the Star by Caradoc Elmet. Considerations on the tarot

The Aphotic Oracle by Daniel Lett

Nightmare Sorceryby Richard Gavin

Maranatha: a Blessing or a Curse by Stephen Dziklewicz

The Altar by Peter Smith. A short story about a lost grimoire.

A Very Personal Tantrum by Joe Claxton. An account of consequences from some specific ritual work

The issue also includes a supplement, which consists of several presentations from the April 2004 Thelema Beyond Crowley Conference held in London. These are:

Looking Forward! by Kenneth Grant

The Letter Killeth by Michael Staley

A Hundred Years Hence by Martin Starr

Calling Mr. Crowley by Andrew Collins

The Evolution of Maat Magick by Margaret Ingalls

It is illustrated by Kyle Fite, Austin Osman Spare, Peter Smith and Allen Holub. Starfire Publishing Ltd: London, 2009. Paperback, 192 pages.