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Suspira is a journal from the publishers of Sabat magazine – it is a largely visual journal of sensuous design, cutting-edge imagery and new artwork. This issue on the theme of fetish combines provocative artwork with thought-provoking  writng to lead the reader into a young feminist vision of the bizarrely beautiful and the sensuously deranged. It includes Rebecca M. Farrar's photographic romp through the many facets of the goddess Lilith, Anya Stanley's exploration of the cinematic history of sex in horror, and Susannah Russell's "Holy Fuck" which examines female desire and the male gaze in Ken Russell's 1971 film, The Devils.


 London: Dreadful Press, 2018. Softcover, 144 pages. New.

Suspira II: The Fetish Issue - (ed.) Valentina Egoavil Medina