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Tarocco Marsiglia Classico


This Marseille deck is a bright, modern rendering, with classic imagery, by living artist Osvaldo Menegazzi, in a palette in which the turquoise blue and vivid red are prominent. Menegazzi is the owner and artistic force behind Il Meneghello tarot publishing and is a master steeped in the artwork of the Marseille. Students who are well versed in this family of tarot decks will find it interesting to study Menegazzi's choices in the details of the trump cards (one aficionado noted the Hermit's hood, for example). 


Milan: Il Meneghello, 1988. Limited to 2500 hand-numbered decks. 78 cards, plus an extra information card showing limitation and deck number. Comes in box with red wax seal stamped on lower corner. Cards are laminated with square corners. Their background is a light-grey mottled effect, to give the impression of parchment. Note on name of deck: on the box the deck is entitled 'Tarocco Marsiglio Classico' but on the description card it is entitled 'Classico Tarocco di Marsiglia'. New, unused.