This deck, whose original is held in a private collection, was issued in the middle of the eighteenth century by a member of the esteemed Rochias family of master card-makers. Originally from the Auvergne in France, the family re-settled in Switzerland, and Claude Rochias issued this deck from his adopted town of Saint-Sulpice in the canton of Vaud. This deck has two outstanding features: firstly, many of the cards are presented in mirror image to that of the standard Marseille format. Secondly, throughout the deck there are minor personalised 'tweaks'. One such example concerns Card 13, 'Death', which is usually un-named but Rochias has boldly put the words 'La Mort' in the upper right quarter of the image. 


France: Yves Reynaud, 2018. Limited to 1,500 hand-numbered decks. 78 cards plus two information cards showing limitation and deck number (one in English, one in French). Comes in presentation box, which has a small round sticker showing deck number. Cards are rigid, cream coloured, and matte-laminated with square corners. New, unused.


Tarot Claude Rochias 1754 [Switzerland]

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