T. Susan Chang's Tarot Correspondences is a complete guide to the use of systems of correspondences in Tarot practice. Focusing on four main systems: the Elements, Astrology, Numbers and Kabbalah, this book explains how best to use the images, associations, and myths of these systems to enrich use of the tarot as a tool for spiritual development, magic and divination.

      With guidelines on how to use correspondences in ritual work and spellcrafting, meditation and visualization techniques, and creative interpretations, this book will aid the reader in crafting a journey into the spiritual and magical dimensions of the Tarot cards and deepen personal practice. Concisely presented in workbook format, Tarot Correspondences will be of interest to anyone who works with Tarot symbolism.   

Woodbury: Llewellyn Publications, 2018. Large Format Softcover, viii+384 pages. New.


Tarot Correspondences - T. Susan Chang