Tarot de Jacques Vieville -Flornoy


Jean-Claude Flornoy loving restored the Vieville tarot's 22 trumps, using the only known copy, which is preserved in the Bibliothque Nationale in Paris. 

Vieville was a master card-maker in Paris who was active from 1643 to 1664. His deck varies from other Marseille in the several respects: The numbering of the trumps is different; the cards have no titles; and some trump images are radically distinct. 

  • Lightning card, corresponding to the Tower card: depicts a tree
  • Sun card: depicts a male on horseback
  • Devil card: depicts the devil walking, without the two imps
  • Hanged Man card: depicts the hanged man upright
  • Star card: depicts a sitting astronomer
  • Moon card: depicts a sitting woman using a spindle

The late Florney was a master cartier, whose reconstituted Marseille decks are highly collectible. This deck contains only the major arcana of 22 cards, so is not suitable for full card readings. However, it is a wonderful purchase for students of tarot history and imagery.

Paris: Editions Le Tarot, 2013. 22 cards, small booklet, boxed.  New.




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