Jean-Claude Flornoy is a legend among lovers of the Marseille tarot. The late French master spent twenty years studying the subject, and working on restoring the Noblet, Dodal and Vieville decks back to life. His work is now published by his widow from a small studio outside Paris.  This poster, from Flornoy studio, is the actual sheet from which the Noblet cards are cut and collated. 

   There are only a very small number of these sheets offered as posters; they are provided to Treadwell's exclusively.  The colours are vibrant and the overall effect is striking. The photo shows the approximate size and the visual effect of the poster when framed. This is a rare opportunity, limited to the eight posters we have, and never to be repeated.  

the poster is sold unframed, and is sent to customers in a rigid card tube. 

Tarot de Marseille of Jean Noblet poster