Tarot Francois Heri 1718 [Switzerland]


This early eighteenth-century deck was issued in the canton of Solothurn, one of the two leading centres of card production in that 'Golden Era' of tarot printing.  It is an important example of Swiss tarot from that key era, and it has significance for a second reason, too: in the words of expert Yves Reynaud, 'it is the only known edition of a Marseille deck which has rather well preserved the integrity of the icons.' Uniquely, the deck's edges are less trimmed than other, similar, surviving decks. The original is held in Solothurn's Historical Museum Blumenstein.


France: Yves Reynaud, 2015. Limited to 3000 hand-numbered decks. 78 cards plus two information cards showing limitation and deck number (one in English, one in French). Comes in presentation box, which has a small round sticker showing deck number. Cards are rigid, cream coloured, and matte-laminated with square corners. New, unused.




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