Tarot Jacques Burdel 1813 [Switzerland]

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We are proud to present this limited edition replica of a 1813 Marseille deck was produced in Switzerland, in the canton of Fribourg, which was one of the two most important centres of card-printing in German-speaking Switzerland in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. We know the original copy of this deck was exported from the canton, because there is a tax stamp of the Canton of Bern on one of the cards, showing its import destination.

      The firm which produced it was that of Jacques Burdel, who was the third-generation in the family card-printing business. Yves Reynaud, who researched the deck, notes that Jacques revised the images slightly, making the people's faces more rounded than those in his father's and grandfather's versions; moreover, the artwork may have been done by a famous engraver of the time, one Jean Proche. The colouring emphasises the light blues and yellows. 

      This reproduction is a fine limited edition. Research and publication is by Yves Reynaud, with graphic design by Wilfried Houdouin. 


France: Yves Reynaud, 2019. Limited to 1,500 hand-numbered decks. 78 cards plus two information cards showing limitation and deck number (one in English, one in French). Deck is wrapped in decorated paper. Comes in presentation box, which has a small round sticker showing deck number. Cards are rigid, cream coloured, and matte-laminated with rounded corners. New, unused.




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