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Tarot Jean-Pierre Payen 1713


This Marseille deck is from the Avignon workshop of Jean-Pierre Payen, a proud card-master who put his name on both the Two of Coins and the Two of Cups cards. The colouring on these cards is distinguished by the prominence of the shaded blue-grey colour, which is particularly dominant in the minor cards, and which adds a depth and nuance to the images, as seen, for example, on the horse on the Knight of Cups.

      This is a Marseille Type I deck, a typology which is seen in the distinctive rendering of the World card's loincloth and cape, as well as the Devil card's stomach decoration in the form of a face. This reproduction is a fine limited edition. Research and publication is by Yves Reynaud, with graphic design by Wilfried Houdouin. 


France: Yves Reynaud, 2016. Limited to 1,500 hand-numbered decks. 78 cards plus two information cards showing limitation and deck number (one in English, one in French). Comes in presentation box, which has a small round sticker showing deck number. Cards are rigid, cream coloured, and matte-laminated with square corners. New, unused.