This booklet leads the reader through the four main stages of the alchemical process:  Blacknesse, Whiteness, Yellowness and Redness and goes into the imagery, elements and symbols which accompany each.  Paul Cowlan is a writer on alchemical symbolism who works closely with original texts and alchemical manuscript images in his work, so his booklets are Treadwel's favourites which we are often recommending to our customers. Cowlan writes clearly and with much intelligent precision on the subject, and has the ability to render complex ideas comprehensible without dumbing down.  These home-published booklets are sold in the UK only at Treadwell's, and they are signed by the author. 

Frankfurt: Alembic, 2013. Signed by the author. Paperback booklet, 95 pages. New.

The Alchemical Quartet - Paul Cowlan (signed)