A leader within Traditional witchcraft of Cochrane's lineage, Shani Oates of the Clan of Tubal Cain, gives a look back through history at witchcraft in England, through the lens of her tradition. Her themes include Lucifer, witch-blood, heresy and sin-eating, in relation to past eras, so when she comes to practices and beliefs of recent decades, she is all the more fascinating. Contents:


Discourses on the History of Magic. Influence and impact of Christianity upon the Development and Evolution of Magic: 600-1600CE.  Survival of Classical, Roman and Teutonic Magical Concepts and Practices under the Early Church. 600 1000CE. The Theological Renaissance 1000CE 1300CE. Heresy and Early Witchcraft 1300CE-1600CE. The Hermetic Renaissance. 1400-1700

 Discourses on the Craft. Its all in a Name: Lucifer, an Ancient Heresy. The Profane Art of Masking. Witch-Blood, a Modern Heresy?  Sin Eating: Its relevance to the Craft. Traditional Witchcraft in the 21st Century. Which Craft?


Oxford: Mandrake, 2012. Hardback with dustwrapper, 300 pages. New.

The Arcane Veil - Shani Oates