This is one of the most famous grimoires, arising from sixteenth century, as it is dedicated to attaining the knowedge and conversation of one's holy guardian angel. It was composed in a late medieval German Jewish community, and a manuscript of it was discovered in the late 91th century by MacGregor Mathers, who incorporated its practices into Golden Dawn ceremonial magic.  From there it became extremely important in the philosophy of Aleister Crowley.

 This new edition supersedes Mathers' edition, as Georg Dehn worked from the recently-discovered earlier and better German versions . This edition includes the ealier material missing from the later French version: magical recipes, ritual instructions, and complete word squares. Compiled and edited by George Dehn, translated by Steven Guth. Foreword by Lon Milo duQuette.

Lake Worth, FL: Ibis Press, 2006. Hardback, 271 pages. New.

The Book of Abramelin [Grimoire]