First published in 1913, this is the most iconic of Spare's occult art books: it is full of beautiful drawings, automatic drawings and sigils. The work established Spare as a formidable and unique figure in twentieth century western magic. This edition reprints all Spare's graphics and half-tone illustrations from a particularly fresh and well-printed copy of the first edition. In addition it includes


  • the original 1913 introduction by Ernest H.R.Collings
  • the 1975 introduction by Kenneth Grant
  • introduction by Alan Moore
  • analytical essay by Michael Staley


The publisher has also located an original art work from the book and includes a new reproduction of it in each copy. A re-worked version of one of the original illustrations is also featured. This volume features endpapers and divider pages illustrated with photomontages of the original book. Edition limited to 900 standard copies.


London, UK: Jerusalem Press, 2011. Hardback, 60 pages. New.


The Book of Pleasure - Austin Osman Spare