Dictated to Crowley in Cairo in April 1904 by the spirit or Angel 'Aiwass', the text is the source book and key for Crowley students, as it it forms the basis Thelema, Crowley's philosophy. It gives the general reader a feel for Crowley. This handy elegant Weiser paperback edition contains the text of the 1938 London edition, together with a facsimile of the manuscript:

  • Introduction', from the 1938 UK edition
  • Text of 'The Book of the Law' (Liber CCXX), from the 1938 UK edition
  • 'Fascmile of the manuscript of 'The Book of the Law' (Liber XXXI)

San Francisco, CA: Red Wheel/Weiser, 2011. Hardback, 160 pages. New.


The Book of the Law (PB) - Aleister Crowley