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A combination of research and engaging retellings of the mythology of the Celtic past, this book is an excellent introduction to the myths of Ireland and Wales.


Aldhouse-Green begins this book with an introduction to the general landscape, both physical and sociological, from which these stoires originate before diving into the stories themselves. The structure of the book allows readers to enjoy the storytelling and narratives of the myths before delving deeper into imagery and popular motifs found throughout these tales, concluding with an analysis of how Celtic mythology survived the coming of Christianity. The inclusion of archaeological and historical material in this book serve to broaden the scope of information presented to the reader, and a list of further reading materials are provided at the end of the book. This book is fully illustrated, including maps, photographs, and illustrations.


Contents include:


  • Prelude: The Celtic World: Space, Time, and Evidence

  • Word of Mouth: Making Myths

  • The Myth-Spinners

  • A Plethora of Irish Spirits

  • Enchanted Wales: A Magical Land

  • The Champion’s Portion: Mythical Heroes

  • Enchanting Animals and Edgy Beings

  • Dangerous Liaisons: Monstrous Regiments of Women

  • Land and Water: A Seethe of Spirits

  • Heaven and Hell: Paradise and the Underworld

  • Finale: Paganism and Christianity: The Transformation of Myth


London: Thames & Hudson, 2015. Hardback, 207 pages. New.

The Celtic Myths - Miranda Aldhouse-Green