The editor of this small book writes in the introduction: 'My own experience, from frequent and prolonged reading of the various works of Plotinus, is that it often appears as if I am listening to a dialogue, an interior dialogue, between the man and his deepest self; but at other times it is as if he is talking directly to the soul of the reader.' Thus inspired, the anonymous editor presents Plotinus in a free-verse form. To wit:

 The Cause of Union

Soul first sees the intellect which she contains,

But the vision proceeds into her,

And the two become one.

The Good, however,

Extending itself to these,

And adapting itself to the condition of both,

Runs above them,

And uniting the two,

Imparts to them a blessed sensation

And vision.

This is a book which makes an ideal gift for a lover of spiritual poetry, or for oneself. 

N.l.: Prometheus Trust. Hardback, 120 pages. New.

The Chant of Plotinus