This is the grimoire of the English magus Ebenezer Sibley, dated to 1789.  Sibley assembled a raft of magical rites and procedures in his handwritten book, and after his death, it was past into wider circulation. The work was hand-copied for wider distribution, including by the famed copyist Frederick Hockley.  The later versions vary, as copyists took the liberty of adding extra material. The copy used for this edition is the longest  -- 45% longer than any other known copy.  The contents include:

  Key of Solomon pentacles

  methods for evoking spirits and binding them

  guidance on working with specific named spirits

 crystal scrying

 use of the magic bell

 the difference between evoking a spirit into a triangle and seeing it in a crystal

 how to compel the demon kings 

 talismans for many practical purposes 

 remedies for diseases

Stephen Skinner and Daniel Clark have produced a significant work, as there is a growing interest in Victorian magical practice. It is a handsome volume which includes a full colour facsimile in the illustrated grimoire, with its copperplate elegant handwriting. This is followed by a full transcript. End matter includes essays on the text and manuscript, biographical paragraphs on the main characters related to the Clavis, charts, an appendix of all known texts of Sibley's Clavis, an appendix on Melusine and the Wyvern, a bibliography and a comprehensive index.  

Singapore: Golden Hoard, 2018. Hardback, 497 pages.

The Clavis or Key to Unlock the Mysteries of Magic