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Subtitled, ‘A Weird Cult of Painted Women,’ this unique publication brings Rebecca Parkin’s 2022 portrait series to life through a colourful and eclectic collection of photography, art, and writing.


Drawing on the cultural legacy that results from the combination of femininity and the colour green, Parkin harnesses a love of ‘parody, horror and humor’ as a lens through which to explore the demonic feminine. This is a playfully designed magazine that engages with the absurdity of the portrayals it focuses on while delivering a selection of writings that assess why green women are so commonly used as a shorthand for female malice. Full-colour reproductions of the artist’s work and photographs that complement the project are included throughout this magazine which is printed on glossy paper. Saddle stitch binding in green contrasts the red cover.


N.L.: Rebecca Parkin, 2024. Paperback, 52 pages. New.

The Cult of the Green Women - Rebecca Parkin