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This novel by Francesco Dimitri, author of Treadwell’s bestseller That Sense of Wonder, follows the story of ‘The Bastion,’ an institution under heavy scrutiny over accusations of being a doomsday cult run by Becca and Ric on the rural coast of Puglia.


This is an exhilarating reading that explores the boundaries between spiritual collective and cult. Following the conflict that arises from opening up ‘The Bastion’ to members of the public, Dimitri’s novel challenges readers to consider what this group looks like to its members and to outsiders who cast judgement based on what evidence they can find. The book opens on a group ritual which immediately disturbs one’s perception of morality. The perspectives of multiple participants are given throughout the book, providing the reader with an immersive and impactful experience. While this is a work of fiction, Dimitri’s background in the occult shines through the narrative of this novel to great effect.


London: Titan Books, 2024. Paperback, 367 pages. New.

The Dark Side of the Sky - Francesco Dimitri