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The Devil's Raiments Martin Duffy


Richmond Vista CA: Three Hands Press, 2012. Limited edition.

Subtitled, Habiliments of the Witchs Craft, this book takes the Cultus Sabbati approach to robe, mask, hood, mantle, garter, and veil, constituting the exterior arrayments of the witch, trace their pedigree to a number of magical sources'. Martin Duffy examines the relationship of the sorcerer to that which clothes him, with particular emphasis on the witch-cult. He looks at the visual trope of the witch as the Naked Enchantress, as well as the some of the older historical rationales for the portrayal of nudity in witchcraft.

Martin Duffy is a Sussex author who has written for The Cauldron, with a longstanding interest in witch lore, folk magic and occult arts. Cover art by Steve Damerell.


  • Bodily Habiliments

  • The Sacred Head and Its Coverings

  • Veil and Mask: The Twin Embracements of the Face

  • The Hand and its Adornments

  • The Binding Girdle

  • The Shod Foot of the Wayfarer

Printed on heavy cream paper, with woodcut artwork, and beautiful typography. Edition limited to 800 standard copies.