Manon Hedenborg White's book on Babalon has been the runaway success of the year. Subtitled 'The Goddess Babalon and the Construction of Femininities in Western Esotericism', it is a scholarly study of the goddess Babalon in Thelemic thought and practice. White traces the development of the concept of Babalon from the writings of Crowley, Jack Parsons and Kenneth Grant right through to its recent adoption by feminist and LGBTQIA occultists. In doing so, she sheds important insights on the changing role of women within western esotericism, and on the evolving constructions of gender. White's work is built on both historical and contemporary writings, together with ethnographic fieldwork, making an important book for students of esotericism, Thelema and of course, devotees of Babalon.

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020. Hardback with dustjacket, xii+374 pages. New.


The Eloquent Blood - Manon Hedenborg White