This imaginative artistic tarot deck draws its imagery from early modern England, the period between the Reformation and the Restoration. It features characters including John Dee, Isaac Newton, and John Aubrey as well as sites like Stonehenge and Avebury. The Wands, Swords, Cups and Coins of the Minor Arcana are represented by Tudors, Cavaliers, and Roundheads. Many cards feature visual puns and mysterious messages encoded in magical alphabets.

    It is the creation of artist & magician Rex Van Ryn (creator of the acclaimed graphic novel John Barleycorn Must Die), muralist Steve Dooley, and writer Andy Letcher (author of Shroom: A Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom).  Letcher's 160-page book surveys the period, with an introduction to English magic, then gives guidance and suggesstion on how to use the cards.  



     Newburyport, MA, USA: Red Wheel / Weiser, 2016.  Box set comprising a deck of 78 full-colour cards and a 160-page guidebook. New.


The English Magic Tarot Deck