[The Golden Dawn, Vol. I - Israel Regardie -Tamara Bourkoun, signed]


This is a bound typescript of volume one of Israel Regardie's The Golden Dawn, dating from c. 1960, with two diagrams photcopied and bound in, and painted brightly. The book was owned, and the text probably typed up, by the English occultist Tamara Bourkoun (1911-1990).  In the 1950s and early 1960s it was nigh-impossible to get hold of volume one of Regardie's The Golden Dawn, a work important to occult practitioners. It had been published in 1937 in Chicago by The Aries Press, and the first section had not then been reprinted. Bourkoun, we deduce, retyped the whole of the scarce volume, photocopying the few diagram pages and hand colouring them: she then sent it to a binder to be bound up as a black plain volume. The flyleaf has  Bourkoun's (verified) signature and two stamps of her magical order. 


Bourkoun was the founder and head of the Order of the Pyramid and Sphinx, a post-Golden Dawn Order of Egyptian inclination which she founded in the late 1950s and ran from her flat in Hampstead for many years.  A chapter on Bourkoun is in Tim d'Arch Smith's The Times Deceas'd  (corrected edn; York Beach, ME: Teitan Press, 2011). She was a noted correspondent of Gerald Yorke, Alfred Watkins and other figures in the esoteric British scene. This is thus a unique item with a very rare signature - and Order stamps -- of an important female occultist of the 20th century. 


Edition, volume and condition. The Golden Dawn; The Original Account of the Teachings, Rites and Ceremonies of the Hermetic Order. Israel Regardie. Typewritten Manuscript of extract. 10.5” x 8” 110pp. No date. Bound in black cloth, clean and solid. Internally clean. Ownership signature of Tamara Bourkoun to front flyleaf, accompanied by two stamps in the form of Egyptian hieroglyphs. Attractively rendered hand painted renditions of the Banner of The East and The Banner of The West open the manuscript, which is neatly typed and rather professionally composed, interspersed with copies of diagrams, charts and figures. Clearly the work of some intense labour, and strong interest.



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