This work is dedicated to the hermetic current running through the work of Gilles Deleuze, a current previously neglected.  The philosopher drew on a long stream of esoteric thought, a lineage extending from late antiquity, and including Nicholas of Cusa, Pico della Mirandola, and Giordano Bruno. Ramey assesses the way in which Deleuze's ethics, metaphysics and politics are informed by that tradition, and he then argues that Deleuze is a kind of contemporary hermeticist offering a consistent, unifying experiment. Ramey's new interpretation focusses particularly on his insistence that the develoment of thought demands a spiritual ordeal, and offers a framework for retrieving a pre-Kantian paradigm of philosophy as a spiritual practice.

Durham NC: Duke University Press, 2012. Paperback, 291 pages. Paperback. 

The Hermetic Deleuze - Joshua Ramey