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The Hieroglyphic Monad - John Dee


The Hieroglyphic Monad was John Dee's 1564 book in which he expounded the meaning of the esoteric composite symbol he contrived in the preceding years. The monad summarised, for Dee, the universe and its mysteries. The work in which he explains it gives a key to his magical worldview. The book touches upon  astronomy, optics, cabala, scrying, and alchemy. This new limited edition is a handsome volume which does justice to Dee's text: with a sewn binding and fine endpapers. It includes an introduction by translator Michael Zellman-Rohrer, and an essay by independent scholar Emma Doeve. It is a must for any students of Dee's life and his magical practices. This edition is limited to 200 copies.  

New York: Von Zos, 2018. Hardback with dustjacket, 120 pages. New.