This book is a translation of a series of Iberian stories, myths, and rural legends concerning the Book of St. Cyprian, the infamous spellbook of the patron saint of occultists. Legend says Cyprian was a pagan sorcerer who converted to Christianity; several grimoires are attributed to him. The legends here shed much light on Iberian conceptions of magic, witchcraft, and a world of mysterious, fairie-like beings -- Mouras -- who tempt and terrify the unwary. These tales also say that owning the Book of St. Cyprian is risky to one's soul. Jose Leito is the translator of The Book of St Cyprian: The Sorcerers Treasure (Hadean Press, 2014). 

Seattle: Rubedo Press, 2017. Paperback, 136 pages. New.


The Immaterial Book of St. Cyprian [Grimoire]