The Lesser Key of Solomon is the grimoire which embodies the phrase, 'the dark arts' better than any other. It is a text dedicated to demons: summoning, controlling, identifying and commanding them. The magician is given a long and in-depth guide to how to work with spirits and demons, and it is so rich and long a work that it will engage even the most passionate sorcerer for years. This wonderful new edition collects for the first time all five sections of the Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis:


1. the Goetia - ritual invocations of spirits and the devices for binding them

2. the Theurgica Goetia - concerned with spirits "partly good and partly evil"

3. the Ars Paulina - detailing the spirits or angels governing the hours of the day and the signs of the zodiac

4. the Ars Almadel - describing the twenty beneficial spirits that govern the zodiac

5.  the Ars Notoria - a collection of orations and prayers said to impart communion with God and give knowledge of both divine and human arts and sciences.


Peterson's magisterial English translation edition draws upon close work involving  British Library manuscripts. 

York Beach, MA: Weiser Books, 2001. Hardback, xx 284 pages. New.

The Lesser Key of Solomon [Grimoire]