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The Moons at Your Door - Ed. David Tibet


The Moons at Your Door is an anthology of thirty tales of weird fiction gathered together by David Tibet, writer, artist and musician, founder of the music group Current 93. Here are tales, poems and fragments from some of the most well-known and celebrated scribes of the supernatural: MR James, WW Jacobs, Arthur Machen, Thomas De Quincey, Guy de Maupassant, Elizabeth Gaskell, HR Wakefield, Aleister Crowley, Thomas Ligotti, Algernon Blackwood and Robert W. Chambers. The volume also includes extracts and translations from Akkadian, Coptic and Biblical texts, alongside poems, fairy tales and bibliographical notes by Mark Valentine. This book is a veritable feast of hallucinatory tales of wonder and mystery - ideal for lovers of weird fiction.

London: Strange Attractor, 2016. Paperback, 450 pages. New.