The New Aradia


The New Aradia, subtitled  A Witch's Handbook to Magical Resistance is a new anthology of essays and practices showing the path of witchcraft as a means for social justice, activism and rebellion. Editor Laura Tempest Zakroff has assembled an impressive and thought-provoking collection of rituals, practices with the aim of assisting activist practitioners in a wide variety of ways, ranging from spells to foster resilience and resistance, to strengthening community and protecting integrity. Although some of the practices in this book are slanted to the American experience - such as the 'Sigil to Protect Protesters & those detained by ICE' the practices can be easily adapted to fit one's circumstances and issues in any country. As Laura says in her introduction: "Calling oneself a Witch is in itself an act of defiance, a statement of going against the grain and the status quo of society. Most importantly: Witches get the work done." An inspiring work for anyone who wishes to bring their spirituality together with social activism.

Seattle: Revelore Press, 2018. Paperback, 104 pages. New.



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