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Subtitled, ‘The Hidden Spiritual Life of the Visionary Poet,’ this exciting new title presents the results of over fifteen years of research into the spiritual and occult life of Sylvia Plath from her childhood until her death.


The research revealed in this book serves to fill the gaps frequently encountered in previous biographical work on Sylvia Plath, drawing attention to the various forms of alternative spirituality and occultism that shaped the poet’s life and work. Analysis of personal correspondence, notebooks, diaries, and more are among the primary material analysed for this purpose, illuminating the depth of Gordon-Bramer’s familiarity with Plath and Hughes. The occult influences on Plath’s work have not previously been centred in past biographies and analyses of Plath’s work, due in part to censorship by the estate of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. Due to the immense work done especially with unpublished material, this book an invaluable contribution to the historical record of this famous literary figure and her legacy.


Rochester: Destiny Books, 2024. Paperback, 398 pages. New.

The Occult Sylvia Plath - Julia Gordon-Bramer