First devised nearly 2,000 years ago, the Orphic hymns comprise of 87 devotions, invocations and entreaties to the Greek Gods. This new edition of The Orphic Hymns by poet and esotericist Patrick Dunn provides not only new translations of these powerful and timeless works, but also the original Greek on facing pages. In addition, Thomas Taylor's 18th-century renderings of the hymns is provided as an appendix, together with an index of purposes, a concordance with glossary, a pronunciation guide, and comprehensive cross-references.

      Perfect for incorporation into ritual and magical workings for every conceivable purpose, this new translation of the Orphic Hymns will be of great value to anyone exploring forms of ancient magic and polytheistic worship.

Woodbury: Llewellyn Publications, 2018. Hardback with dustjacket, xxii+312 pages. New.


The Orphic Hymns -Patrick Dunn