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The Re-enchanted Landscape [Cornwall] - Rupert White


Subtitled 'Earth Mysteries, Paganism & Art in Cornwall 1950-2000,' Rupert White gives an engaging account of the birth of the Earth Mysteries movement in Cornwall in the second part of the twentieth century, with particular attention to its relationship with the sacred landscape of the Cornish countryside. The author looks at artist Ithell Colquhoun,   witchcraft museum founder Cecil Williamson, and a bevy of earth mystery buffs including John Michell and Paul Devereux. Others discussed include Colin Wilson, Doc Shiels; Monica Sjoo, Jill Smith and Geraldine Andrew. He also examines the importance of pagan magazines in shaping and building community, rom Pipes of Pan to Meyn Mamvro. Richly illustrated with a wealth of photographs from the period in both colour and monochrome,

N.l: Antenna Publications, 2017. Paperback, 291 pages. New.