Peter Grey's book on the history of female power, transgressive and passionate, has quickly become one of the occult world's best-selling titles.  Babalon, Lilith, the Scarlet Woman, Ishtar, Inanna, the Holy Whore: a galloping history combined with provocative reflection, this is Peter Grey at his most urgent and his most compelling. The reader is taken from the ancient world to the modern in narrative richly-peppered with sex, violence and drugs; we follow him on a journey through the unheard history of a very ancient and very modern goddess coming into power. Peter Grey is a devotee of Babalon and co-founder of Scarlet Imprint. Cover art: Christopher Conn Askew

London: Scarlet Imprint 2011.  Paperback, 234 pages. New.

The Red Goddess (PB) - Peter Grey