Russia has a long established esoteric history, one infused with Russian identity, together with a sense that this vast magisterial land has a mystical destiny. In this book, Gary Lachman traces the esoteric, mystical history of Russia, century upon century from the Dark Ages through to the present. The 19th century, a cultural apogee of this sensibility, is clearly dear to Lachman, who gives it affectionate, discursive attention. The thinkers, writers, prophets, mystics and visionaries are brought to life in the author's trademark style: readable, narrative,  and honestly pleasurable. Gary Lachman is a well-established writer who has succeeded in popularising occult history like no other writer of our generation. This copy is signed by the author (on an attractive Treadwell's label pasted in rather than on the title page itself, due to the Covid19 lockdown).


Rochester VT: Inner Traditions, 2020. Hardback in dustwrapper, 438 pages. New.


The Return of Holy Russia - Gary Lachman (signed)