The Secret Doctrine, first published in 1888, is widely regarded as Madame Blavatsky's magnum opus of Theosophy. It was an instant, though controversial best-seller. It asserted that that human beings had, in various forms, walked the planet far longer than was suspected by the Darwinists, and that a secret brotherhood had kept the true esoteric tradition alive through the eons of mankind's evolution. The insights in the book came not only from secret books of wisdom, she said, but also from the hidden masters or mahatmas with whom she was in contact. It also stimulated the growing interest in the period in Indian religious and esoteric traditions. This book changed the course of alternative thinking and set the groundwork for the later emergence of New Age thinking. 

This new edition is fully complete and unabridged. 

New York: TarcherPerigree, 2106. Paperback, xxxix 1253 pages. New.

The Secret Doctrine - H.P. Blavatsky