This small book presents passages from Proclus arranged in free verse form, giving a sense of the the emotions of this philosopher who was, perhaps above all, a lover of wisdom. The poetic presentation of these passages gives voice to the music of his thought. Each piece is a meditation in itself. To quote one:

      Radical Summits

     As trees by their summits
    Are rooted in the earth,
    And are earthly according to these,
    After the same manner,
    Divine natures are by their summits
    Rooted in The One,
    And each of them is a henad
    And one,
    Through unconfused union with The One.

This is a book which makes an ideal gift for a lover of spiritual poetry, or for oneself. 

N.l.: Prometheus Trust. Hardback, 120 pages. new

The Song of Proclus