A fascinating exploration of the 'wild weeds' of the hedgerows of the British countryside, which offer not only medicinal opportunities but also delicious food sources. Organised around the pagan wheel of the year, this book details a wide range of wild plants, lichens, trees, and fungi. giving their medicinal and culinary uses, health benefits, and the best times to gather them with sacred purpose and reverence. The entries range from common Cowslip to little-known plants such as Figwort.  It also related folklore, and the author's own experience as a herbalist.  Jo Dunbar is a practising medical herbalist and druid, and is the founder of Botanica Medica Herbal Apothecary. Colour illustrations throughout.

London: Local Legend, 2016. Paperback, xiv 195 pages. New.

The Spirit of the Hedgerow - Jo Dunbar