The Starry Rubric - Alexander Cummins (signed)


This book looks at English astrology in the sixteen and seventeenth century, considering it as a form of magic, placing it firmly in the wider magical world-view. Astrolology was used to explain and interpret public events, as well as personal episodes. People cast horoscopes to determine auspicious times to enact life-events. Medicine involved considering astrologial factors.  Most originally, however, Cummins argues that neither astrology nor magic were seen as distinct from theology.  Rather, astrology operated as a practical Christian theology, running parallel to the Church rather than competing with it. The author completed his doctorate at University of Bristol under Professor Ronald Hutton. He is a friend of Treadwell's  and signed these copies while here on a recent visit. 

n.l.: Hadean Press, 2012. Hardback in dustwrapper, 151 pages. New. Signed by the author.



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